Custom Furniture

We build everything in our own shop in Miami. Whether it's one of our designs or some other inspiration you have seen elsewhere, we'll build it while saving you time and money then ship it to you within a few weeks. With Señor Wood, you really are buying custom! 

We want our work to be thought-provoking, curious, exciting, and at times, out-of-the-blue. The goal is to provoke a reaction. If a customer or observer comments, questions, or asks for more information, we have succeded.

Our custom wood furniture includes custom dressers, consoles, credenzas, Tables  and much more. Señor Wood offers timeless contemporary design in each of our pieces. We have brought together the unique and the high end in a way that accentuates and elevates the interiors of our clients’ homes and offices. Our manufacturing, design and creation processes transform each of our pieces into works of art, and our custom furniture are no different. Señor Wood creates furniture pieces that represent luxury at its most unique – with exquisite lines, quality wood, and impeccable design.

Each custom piece is designed and manufactured according to the exact specifications of our customers. We work with you to ensure that artistry and individuality are brought forth in the piece we create together. We understand that the specific tastes and needs of all of our customers are different and tailor each of our bespoke credenzas, consoles or dressers to fit your style.