Teak Decking

Teak Deck Sanding

Over time, Teak Decks naturally degrade which raises the caulking lines and the wood grain becomes prominent, allowing water to stand. Standing water can permeate into the deck, which can cause rust, corrosion and uneven expansion. Sanding the decks at a regular interval ensures that water can flow freely which requires less aggressive cleaning. Teak decks should be lightly sanded every 18 to 24 months.



All caulking products will break down over time. This allows water to permeate to the sub-deck resulting in larger maintenance issues. Wood, metal, and fiberglass all have unique issues when exposed to moisture. We specialize in the removal and replacement of caulking to ensure the water tight integrity of the Teak Deck.



  • Seam Repairs: The seams on a Teak Deck allow it to expand and contract. However, natural forces or improper installation can cause them to separate from the plank. This allows moisture to permeate. We recommend repairing any failed seams immediately after sanding the decks for preventative maintenance.


  • Plank Replacements: It can be necessary to replace individual planks for a variety of reasons; natural defects, removing deck hardware, vessel upgrades and the occasional clumsy crew member.


  • Step Fabrication: Steps are high traffic areas and therefore will need replacement more often. They are also more complex in their design and construction. We specialize in the removal, fabrication, and installation of Teak Steps.